Who is ken mallon?

After spending a decade studying and working in the health sciences field at UC San Francisco, Johns Hopkins, Genentech and Amgen, I changed careers and became a Silicon Valley tech guy focused on data science, ad tech, product development and research methods, working at Yahoo, Microsoft and various tech and research companies. I have publications in major peer-reviewed scientific journals as well as technology patents.

While I am passionate about technology and research methods, I'm also highly engaged in the mental health space. I’m on target to complete my MS in clinical psychology in May 2019 and have been volunteering as a clinical psychotherapist trainee at the Bill Wilson Center since September 2019. In that role, I see children, adolescents, adults, families and couples for help with suicidality, trauma, LGBTQ-related issues, grief and other counseling.

I leverage my combined experience in technology with my passion and training in mental health in several ways:

Tech: Advisor to tech companies in a broad range of areas, mostly specializing in start-up concept evaluation, behavioral targeting, personalization, identity and advertising tech.

Mental health: I provide consultative services related to divorce and family conflict, including custodial timeshare agreements, conflict resolution and mediation. I also provide career and life coaching services.

Combo: I provide executive life-coaching and mentorship to execs who want help with significant decisions or want to broaden their impact and become better leaders and managers. I also assist corporations with team/department-based mediation and conflict resolution. My nearly 30 years of experience within biotech and high tech means I understand the complex workplace issues that need to be resolved in healthy ways. Finally, I provide career counseling services to anyone seeking to accelerate their career, improve their trajectory via training or find a more meaning and enriching path.