I'm passionate about two areas you may think are not highly related: 1) getting the most out of your business and career and 2) maximizing and resolving conflicts in your personal life.  In the first area, I provide life coaching to executives to help them achieve greater work focus and impact and I can serve in an advisory role to executive management teams and boards of small companies. In the second area, I provide help in the personal sphere -- your home life. Here I am often called to resolve conflicts or help super-charge an ok life and make it more fulfilling and enriching.

Life/Career and Executive coaching


I've been working continuously without employment gaps since the age of 14, achieved rapid and early success in the biotech industry and became a Vice President at one of the early Silicon Valley darlings, Yahoo. I've also managed to raise two well-balanced children and I've survived a difficult divorce. I'm an experienced listener, who knows the tech world, have survived and thrived in many atmospheres and can help you wade through important life choices, changes, career decisions and leadership challenges.

Advisory board


I have advised about a dozen start-up companies in Silicon Valley in diverse areas including music, social technology, analytics, mobile ad tech, targeting systems, publishing and more. Having been an executive manager at Dynamic Logic, Ipsos, Microsoft, Yahoo, Jornaya and 4INFO, I've been involved in many aspects of the digital and tech ecosystems, having evaluated dozens of companies for M&A. My core specialties are targeting, consumer insights, analytics and closed-loop attribution and sales measurement systems.

Conflict resolution+ mEdiation

For years, friends and coworkers have recommended me to help one or more of their "friends in need". I've helped families sort through issues such as senior care, divorce, custody plans, divorce mediation, pre-marital advice, major financial decisions and whether or not a couple should enter into therapy. I have a calm, culturally sensitive, neutral approach and, because I'm trained as a therapist, I can also help make important decisions around therapeutic choices.